There are several ways to make a booking for one of our Santa Services. Either telephone us on 01509 632323 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday), pop in to the Loughborough Central Booking Office (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday), or use our online booking system!

If you wish to make a booking that will include one or more disabled passengers, please telephone us on 01509 632323 to make your booking so that we can make any necessary arrangments for your visit.

The fares shown below are for adults, along with those for children 1 to 15 years old. Tickets for children under 1 year old are £6, and they receive a quality present from Santa.

To make a booking using our online system, please click the Book button next to the service you wish to book for.

Cancellation Policy

Cancelled bookings will not be refunded. However, with MORE than 14 days notice to your Santa date, we will endeavor to transfer your booking to another service. With LESS than 14 days notice, we will attempt to transfer you to another service upon payment of £3.00 per person administration fee.

ServiceDepartsSeats AvailableAdult FareChild Fare 
Saturday 23 November 2019
Santa Special10:5090£14.00£14.00
Santa Special12:45101£14.00£14.00
Santa Special14:2044£14.00£14.00
Sunday 24 November 2019
Santa Special10:500£14.00£14.00
Santa Special12:450£14.00£14.00
Santa Special14:200£14.00£14.00
Saturday 30 November 2019
Santa Special10:00165£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe10:3078£21.00£21.00
Santa Special11:40141£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe12:30105£21.00£21.00
Santa Special13:50134£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe14:2085£21.00£21.00
Santa Special15:25147£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe16:00111£21.00£21.00
Sunday 01 December 2019
Santa Special10:00101£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe10:301£21.00£21.00
Santa Special11:4078£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe12:3018£21.00£21.00
Santa Special13:50113£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe14:2027£21.00£21.00
Santa Special15:25137£16.00£16.00
Santa Deluxe16:00109£21.00£21.00
Wednesday 04 December 2019
Santa Special10:500£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Santa Special12:4546£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Santa Special14:20160£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Saturday 07 December 2019
Santa Special10:0088£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe10:300£22.00£22.00
Santa Special11:4073£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe12:302£22.00£22.00
Santa Special13:50122£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£22.00£22.00
Santa Special15:25133£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe16:0079£22.00£22.00
Sunday 08 December 2019
Santa Special10:00132£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe10:301£22.00£22.00
Santa Special11:4056£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe12:302£22.00£22.00
Santa Special13:50102£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£22.00£22.00
Santa Special15:25144£17.00£17.00
Santa Deluxe16:0045£22.00£22.00
Wednesday 11 December 2019
Santa Special10:5049£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Santa Special12:4593£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Santa Special14:20151£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Saturday 14 December 2019
Santa Special11:401£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe12:300£23.00£23.00
Santa Special13:5067£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£23.00£23.00
Santa Special15:25115£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe16:0044£23.00£23.00
Sunday 15 December 2019
Santa Special10:0062£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe10:300£23.00£23.00
Santa Special11:4041£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe12:302£23.00£23.00
Santa Special13:5046£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£23.00£23.00
Santa Special15:25101£18.00£18.00
Santa Deluxe16:001£23.00£23.00
Wednesday 18 December 2019
Santa Special10:5014£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Santa Special12:45119£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Santa Special14:20115£9.00 (no present supplied*)£9.00 (no present supplied*)
Friday 20 December 2019
Santa Special10:00169£19.00£19.00
Santa Deluxe10:30115£24.00£24.00
Santa Special11:40166£19.00£19.00
Santa Deluxe12:30133£24.00£24.00
Santa Special13:50155£19.00£19.00
Santa Deluxe14:20139£24.00£24.00
Santa Special15:25162£19.00£19.00
Santa Deluxe16:00155£24.00£24.00
Saturday 21 December 2019
Santa Special10:00152£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe10:300£25.00£25.00
Santa Special11:40122£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe12:301£25.00£25.00
Santa Special13:50139£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£25.00£25.00
Santa Special15:25168£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe16:0083£25.00£25.00
Sunday 22 December 2019
Santa Special10:00116£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe10:301£25.00£25.00
Santa Special11:4064£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe12:300£25.00£25.00
Santa Special13:50101£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£25.00£25.00
Santa Special15:25153£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe16:001£25.00£25.00
Monday 23 December 2019
Santa Special10:00163£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe10:302£25.00£25.00
Santa Special11:40135£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe12:3020£25.00£25.00
Santa Special13:50163£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe14:2070£25.00£25.00
Santa Special15:25162£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe16:00138£25.00£25.00
Tuesday 24 December 2019
Santa Special10:00118£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe10:300£25.00£25.00
Santa Special11:4074£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe12:301£25.00£25.00
Santa Special13:50116£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe14:200£25.00£25.00
Santa Special15:25105£20.00£20.00
Santa Deluxe16:000£25.00£25.00

*Please note: a present is not supplied on these services, but you are welcome to bring your own.